Daily Prompt: Learning Style

I’m a sit’n’soaker. Absorber. I watch and absorb like nobody’s business. But I don’t “sit, soak, ‘n sour” like a pickle. I do something with it, usually. I love to learn and have never found school to be tedious and boring. 

One can learn so much by simply paying attention. Listening. In high school, I started out playing the xylophone. But I was so enthralled and mystified by trumpeteers and their craft that I learned to play the trumpet before I ever touched one–or puckered my lips against a mouthpiece. It was a piece of cake by that time. Maybe that’s 3/4 of the job of an apprentice: watch. notice. listen.

It’s also a lot about HOW you watch. You can become a better athlete by watching quality athletes play–if you watch with a discerning, intentional eye. Focus is the key. For instance, watch what Michael Jordan does/did WITHOUT the ball in his hand. Watch his EVERY move to really appreciate his anticipation, his speed, his genius. And you learn what YOU have to do to “be like Mike.” Dennis Rodman, too. Watching him fighting for position under the goal long BEFORE the rebounds he earned taught volumes about what it takes to be Defensive Player of the Year like he was.

So yeah, I’m a soaker. If somebody says, “Watch ‘n Learn!” I say. 



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