I’m putting this blog together to keep track of my readings and my thoughts about those readings as they occur. I have such a horrible memory. I can read something thoroughly engrossed and engaged and 3 days later remember nearly nothing about it. Especially after I’ve moved on to another text. I envy folks who can recall and speak intelligently about something they read a year ago or more. I’ve read the Old Testament through, taking notes the whole way…but ask me who the father was of the brothers who made up the 12 tribes of Israel and forget it. This disturbs me to no end.
Personality/: INFP
Favorite movies
: The English Patient; Karate Kid (love the whole beat-down/train/kick-butt-with-swan-move thing); Footloose (can relate to the outsider kid moving to a small town and butting heads thing. I did that. There is, indeed, a time to dance.);Twilight series (again, relating to kid moving into new town. There wasn’t a sparkly vampire with great hair waiting for me when I got there, though. drat.)
Favorite music: Duran Duran (WAY out ahead of the pack, since, like, 1983.);Depeche Mode;Linkin Park; Hot Chelle Rae; Beastie Boys; Kem; Joe;
Stuff I love: Bible, Literature, French language, folk art, French Huguenot family history, mosaics, basketball, reading about writing novels, NaNoWriMo, social media, Ugly Dolls, rain, jazz, football.
: Graduated 1991 with Bachelor of Science in English Education from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Graduated 1993 with Master of Science in English Education from University of Georgia in Athens, GA.
Religious Affiliation: Southern Baptist. Member of First Baptist Church Alpharetta, GA. Asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior at 10 years old. I try to err on the side of grace rather than the side of judgement–like the self-righteous Pharisees who love to point out everyone else’s shortcomings at the complete neglect of their own. It’s my job to love people and let God do the convicting/changing.
: Brittish, Scottish, French, Dutch. My ancestors included French Hugeonots (John Bonnell and his family) who fled religious persecution and settled in North & South Carolina, then filtered down to the present-day Candler County area in Georgia (Metter, GA). Mercer Castle, in Perth, Scotland, is the oldest castle still standing in that county. It’s a dream of my sister, brothers, and mine to visit it one day. My family history includes a whole bunch of soldiers in nearly every war (including one who fought on the side of the British and then fled to Canada when he realized he was on the losing side of the Revolutionary War.) My Dad, brother Charles, his son Stephen, and my sister-in-law Alicia all served/are serving in the military. *so proud* My family history also includes a whole lot of religious faith/conviction/service.


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